Our Services

At Cirrus, we practice an aggressive management style that has enabled our portfolio of properties to remain on the leading edge of their respective markets.  Our team members think like an owner would—always striving to achieve maximum value for our clients.

Our clients trust us with every aspect of managing their assets, and we understand that we must continually earn their loyalty through the consistent delivery of high quality service from trained employees combined with best practices in compliance, reporting and auditing and fully integrated software systems and marketing strategies.  We believe that our human capital—our strong, scaled relationships with top industry vendors and partners—is one of our key assets, which we can call into play to assist our clients as needed.  Likewise our in-house expertise, such as that offered by a Compliance Department under the direction of an attorney with extensive affordable housing credentials, allows us to efficiently provide clients with the analysis and recommendations necessary to reap the full potential value from their assets.