At Cirrus, we specialize in identifying underperforming investment opportunities in the multi-family sector.  Even when the window for evaluating an investment opportunity is as little as 15 to 30 days, our team can provide accurate and reliable evaluation of an asset’s potential performance relative to other investment alternatives.


Over the years, we at Cirrus have built strong, scaled relationships with vendors and partners in all aspects of the property management industry.  We refer to this as our human capital, an important asset that we can call into play to assist clients in the analysis of potential acquisitions.  Even in tight timeframes, we can leverage Cirrus’ current vendor relationships to obtain impartial, professional opinions on a property.


We will conduct unit-by-unit inspections and coordinate systems inspections with numerous vendors to help clients thoroughly understand the condition of the grounds and buildings.  Our staff is experienced in verifying utility consumption, conducting lease audits, and reviewing any previous construction plans.  We also provide:

  • title, legal description, easement and permit verifications;
  • service contract abstracts;
  • review of preliminary title reports;
  • review of ALTA surveys;
  • permit and certificate of occupancy review; and
  • recommendations for remediation of deferred conditions and for value added capital projects.


When analyzing any potential acquisition, we at Cirrus appreciate that we are acting as agent for our clients.  In this role, we understand the necessity of accurate data, organized and delivered efficiently, as well as thorough and responsive follow-ups to any outstanding questions or concerns on the part of our clients.